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Pagpasundayag sa sinaunang baybayin workshop rodelsa hall cdo

Are you interested in our Sinaunang Baybayin or the Ancient Filipino Writing? Are you wondering about it?

This is your chance to know all about it on an upcoming project by our local artists here in Cagayan de Oro City. Please read more information after the jump.

CDO Info - Sinaunang Baybayin - Sunrays

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), in partnership with Liceo de Cagayan University and Pasundayag Community Arts, is implementing a project “Pagpasundayag sa Sinaunang Baybayin” which is a series of activities from a workshop facilitated by Emil Yap, an expert on the Sinaunang Baybayin.

Sinaunang Baybayin, the Ancient Filipino Writing, which is famously coined as Alibata. BaiBayin or Baybayi is a way of writing of our Filipino Ancestors. The word itself started from the root word “Baybay or BaiBai”, that means spelling or tracing. The Sinaunang Baybayin is not based on the Doctrina Christiana that was spread to us by the00 colonizers.

The show performance entitled, “Baybayin” (which means ‘shore’ in English) is a m?lange of multi-Art disciplines basing everything from the research on Sinaunang Baybayin.

It’s a collaboration of work by local Kagay-anon Artists listed below:

CdeO Arts Guild – Michael Bacol
Next Moves – Arnie Jumao-as and Feliz Ugalde, Roger Odron (choreographer)
Dulaang Atenista current members – JC Salon, Angelo Dabbay, Franz Lacson and Dan David Tan
Dulaang Atenista
Alumni – Alvin Adaza, Ethyl Malachico, Dr. Reynards Tan, and Denise Mordeno Aguilar

Denise Mordeno Aguilar is the one who conceptualized this project and she’s also the current Artistic Director of Pasundayag Community Arts founded by Mozart A.T. Pastrano in 1997. The production soundscape design is by Veteran Kagay-anon Musician, Drue Dahongpalay. The production is stage managed by Ritche Riveral of Race Entertainment.

The main mission of their project is “Exploring the past thru Sinaunang Baybayin and creating a future using it for performance.”

It will be shown on October 7, 2016, at Rodelsa Hall, Liceo de Cagayan University, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City. With the options of Matinee at 3PM and Gala at 8PM.

Be prepared to be taken aback by the group’s version of the Creation Story; The introduction of the 2 major Sinaunang Baybayin Script expressed in an ensemble performance; The individual identities of the artists involved and their body articulation of the Baybayin; The theatrical utterance of the games, contrasting difference between the children before and the generation of children today.

It’s a show and a learning experience for the Kagayanon audience. A devised piece created for everyone. After all, culture is inclusive.

CDO Info - Sinaunang Baybayin - Ancient Filipino Writing

Interested audience may be able to reserve tickets for the “Baybayin” show at Php100.00. You may contact these numbers – 09774020050 / 09177741749 / 09167852804. Follow our event page, PAGPASUNDAYAG SA SINAUNANG BAYBAYIN on Facebook for more information.

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