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The first ever flash mob in cagayan de oro

Last October 28 at SM City Cagayan de Oro, a group called CDO Tycoons danced their way on the very first Flash Mob Dance event.

Here’s a little something from their Facebook page:

CDO Tycoons mission is to help all walks of life to reach the perfect goal. We wish to put a synchronized objective by creating an atmosphere of overwhelming abundance in all aspects.

CDO Tycoons aims to enlighten and improve the lives of Kagay-anons through business opportunities, inspirational seminars, and fun activities to unite all Kagay-anons and show the world what we are made of! There will be a lot more coming soon! So, watch out for MORE Flash Mob projects!

Have fun watching the video! ??

Check them out on their Facebook page, Twitter or you can email them.

I want to join them on the next Flash Mob, well, do you? ??

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